We All have Something to Say

The birth of an opinion is complex

It comes from the gut

Shaped by beliefs, values and experience

There exists no human life devoid of hypocrisy

I get it!

I also know that within the universe of each individual

Who walks this Earth

There are conflicting drives

The good cop and bad cop

Sitting with pride on opposite shoulders

Despite this

Most of us latch on to one side of an issue

Hold it tightly

Push an opinion to influence friends and family

Or sound off on social media

I am no innocent here

Of late, I force myself to watch FOX News alongside CNN

Flip channels for ten or fifteen-minute chunks of time

Curious about what the hell makes the other side tick

To consider how passions can become twisted

Finessed into a blustering “stand”

I’ve begun to see some overlap between the two extremes

Contrasted with the scorching “dis” between the parties

The venomous words tossed from one bank to the other

Yes, I admit that I heavily lean to one side

And I believe it’s the good side

Voraciously embracing my political beliefs and principles

Which I feel represent the freedoms I think are right, fair, compassionate

Yet just before I drift off to sleep late at night

Staring up through the skylight above my bed

At the bright moon and twinkling stars

I find myself braiding the two distant political agendas and convictions

I dream of working in Congress or at the House

Where I eagerly reach across the aisle

Offer a handshake, an elbow bump, a head nod

To my opponents

Offer an open ear

A willingness to understand the underlying motivations

This practice before I fall off to sleep

Has given me a thin slice of inner peace

Like a mini-meditation

That allows my mind to float

Explore the possibilities

Imagine the potential

Of two sides coming together

In truth


I still remain a hypocrite



Linda S. Gunther is the author of six suspense novels: Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra, Endangered Witness, Lost In The Wake, Finding Sandy Stonemeyer, Dream Beach and Death Is A Great Disguiser. Her essays and short stories have been featured in a variety of literary publications. www.lindasgunther.com





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