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With This Ring

Sarah and I reluctantly volunteered to clear Steve’s house after his death because no one else was prepared to do it. He was single with no close friends, just a few people like us he met up with from time to time, mostly in the pub. His remaining relatives after swiftly taking all valuables and financial papers, indicated their intention to send in a large skip but gave us a couple of weeks to take or dispose what we wanted first. Poor sad Steve; he wasn’t that old and was younger than all our circle of friends. But he went downhill very suddenly. For some years now he hadn’t taken good care of himself. He took little exercise, his diet was poor and he drank far too much. It was not really a surprise when he collapsed and died.   So we began the task of sorting his stuff. The first part was easy; any books were bagged up ready for the charity shops and his clothes went straight for recycling as they had probably all come second-hand some considerable time ago. But at the very b

King Arthur and the Bards

Arthur, High King of All Britannia, was extremely worried. “Britannia is being torn apart by war. It's not just the Picts of Alba against the Scots of Dalriada. Rheged is fighting against Elmet, Dumnonia against Cornovia, and the Ordovices of Gwynedd against the Morganau of Demetia. With my vassals fighting one another I fear that the invading Angles, Jutes, Norsemen and Saxons will form a united kingdom instead of me. What am I to do?” Wise Merlin answered the king. “We need magic, sire, and there is no magic more powerful than music. The Greeks used to fight among themselves but the Olympic festival ended that. Only when young Greeks decided to perform their athletics without the aid of music did they succumb to Roman rule. I recommend you summon bards from all over the kingdom.” So King Arthur summoned bards from all over Britannia, from the islands of Lyonesse to the west of Cornovia even to the islands of Zetland in the frozen north. Soon the streets of Camelot rang wit

The Test

A small room, over-heated. The sky outside grey like the man’s hair. A desk. Not quite grey, not quite white. A young man. Hair, black and slightly woolly. Eyebrows also black. Grey-haired man. ‘What is the purpose of your visit?’ Young man. ‘I have been invited to speak at the Festival of Words.’ ‘Words?’ ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘On what topic?’ ‘Words, sir.’ A pause. A raindrop sliding down the window. ‘Words does not describe the topic Mr…?’ ‘Mr. Abias, sir. ‘Mr. Abias please describe the topic you will be speaking on.’ A pause. The click of a radiator. ‘The title of my piece is the impact of the Colonial Mind on the literature of Angola in the late 20 th century.’ The grey-haired man taps his pen on the desk that is neither white nor grey. ‘The Colonial mind. Is that how you see us, Mr. Abias?’ ‘It depends, sir.’ ‘On what Mr. Abias?’ ‘On who is speaking, sir.’ ‘Why do you persist in calling me sir?’ ‘Because I do not know your name.’

Good news from Rajan V Kokkuri

I Remain Forever Yours is available now The link is here

An Everlasting Memory

by Rajan V Kokkuri It was the last day of my work. All my friends had arranged a small party. It was the turn of my boss to say a few words. "Most of you know that VK is a hard worker and helped us to meet the targets on time and also trained the team very well." " But what I have to tell is a different story. Few people do things without being told, that is VK’s nature. He will go an extra step to see that work is done in time with quality." " He will see that everyone is happy around him whether it is office boy or the director. I would request our team to copy this attitude from him." “ One day I was away for a client meeting and reached home late. When I reached home my wife was just waiting for me.” “‘ Oh my god. Do you know what happened today? Our son was having high fever in the morning after you left for the office. I did not know what to do. I called you up at your office. The phone was ringing and there was no answer. I was very despe