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Whether you are under house arrest, self-isolation or working from home, the C virus has a lot to answer for.
Still, people are resilient. My son tells me that everyone in the world seems to want to WhatsApp or Skype him. We are working hard on getting an elderly relative to understand how to make video calls on WhatsApp so it is an educational time. Even the humble telephone can help us to keep in touch.

I will renew my request for people to email stories to me at Now is as good a time as any. The stories need not be about isolation of course, something completely different will lighten the atmosphere.

The blog will be regularly publicised on Facebook and twitter #worthingflash and by old-style email.

I have told the U3A that I will take a decision about the 4th July event in June when we have a clearer idea. I would like to meet you all (OK our overseas writers may be unable to come) but I am not going to be reckless with anyone's health.

Those facebook pages again:
There is also a page for the event on 4th July
All the best

Derek McMillan


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